AHM is a family of powerful Audio Matrix Processors supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of scalable I/O, control and Dante solutions. Designed to excel in corporate, retail, hospitality and education environments, AHM matrix processors allow integrators to quickly create systems that build from a single boardroom to a complete campus.


16x16 Processing Matrix
8x8 Local Analogue I/O


32x32 Processing Matrix
12x12 Local Analogue I/O


64x64 Processing Matrix
12x12 Local Analogue I/O

6 Ways AHM Saves You Time & Money
  • With our full off-the-shelf ecosystem of control and expansion options, you don’t need to waste time sourcing and configuring third party gear.
  • Cut your aftersales callouts with Automatic Firmware Matching – updates to the AHM processor are reflected in all connected IP remote controllers and DX expanders.
  • No hidden costs. We don't charge you for apps or slap on extra service fees.
  • No compromises. AHM’s powerful fixed architecture lets you apply any and all processing to every one of its inputs and outputs if you so desire – so you never run out of processing and don't waste time juggling resources.
  • Easy to Learn. With its slick, smart GUI, AHM System Manager makes creating powerful audio systems easier than ever – no third-party programming or certified training needed.
  • Go-to-solution. AHM is a tremendously scalable solution, so invest a little time in it and it’ll become your foundation for everything from bars to banks.


AHM processors deploy next-generation FPGA technology and 96kHz sample rate, bringing acclaimed Allen & Heath sound quality and sub-millisecond latency to installation. The audio engines have the power to deliver far more processing than the usual open architecture platforms, including 8-band PEQ, gate, compressor and delay on all input channels, and 8-band PEQ, 30-band GEQ, compressor, ANC, source selector, limiter and delay on all zone outputs.


SLink* allows plug 'n play connection to up to 8 remote expanders from Allen & Heath’s extensive Everything I/O range, which includes wall mount, rack and portable options. With hundreds of routable system inputs and outputs, AHM can cater for projects ranging from a single room to large, distributed spaces.

*SLink port built-in on AHM-64, SLink option card for AHM-32 and AHM-16


An AHM system can be controlled using our range of remote controllers, GPIO and 3rd party devices. With up to 96 IP remote controllers over a standard TCP/IP network, every room can enjoy local volume control, source select and preset recall.


  • 1x push n turn rotary
  • 1x LCD display
  • Wallplate (US or EU/UK standard)
  • PoE


  • 6x push n turn rotaries
  • 18x SoftKeys
  • 8x LCD displays
  • Free standing or flush mount
  • PoE or wall wart


  • 8x 60mm motor faders
  • 22x SoftKeys
  • 8x LCD displays
  • Free standing, flush mount or mic stand
  • PoE+ or wall wart


  • 8x GPI
  • 8x GPO (N/O)
  • Half U, rack-mountable
  • PoE or wall wart


Designing the perfect user interface for each type of user has never been so easy. Custom Control is a customizable, cross-platform control app, providing elegant, bespoke control over an AHM system.

  • Multiple user interfaces (per user, per device type)
  • Custom graphics and background
  • Kiosk mode
  • BYOD friendly
  • Optional password protection
  • iOS / Android / Windows / Mac

CC-7 & CC-10

Touch Panels for Custom Control

Perfect companions for AHM matrix processors, dLive or Avantis systems in installations, CC-7 and CC-10 are control touch panels for desktop or wall mount use. Powered by the Allen & Heath Custom Control app, they can operate as fixed control devices or complementing a BYOD solution. From simple music source selection to level control, preset recall or paging, they offer an alternative to our range of IP remote controllers for applications where a touchscreen interface is preferred.



The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) module for AHM-64 and AHM-32 provides multiple channels of AEC and is designed for teleconferencing and videoconferencing scenarios.



The intuitive AHM System Manager software and AHM’s flexible architecture allow rapid configuration, with no certified programming training required. AHM matrix processors strike a balance between the simplicity and set latency of fixed architecture, and the flexibility normally reserved for open architecture platforms, allowing them to handle sound management, paging, audio distribution, conferencing and speaker processing roles.

Channels view

Horizontal signal-flow and processing diagram, with clear visibility of what is available, what is / isn’t active, and mouse-over real time audio monitoring.

Assign view

Zoomable matrix view for I/O and routing, with optional level and mute indication, and including Tieline patching and Zone to Zone routing for unparalleled flexibility.



Dante I/O cards allow AHM matrix processors to connect to amplifiers, microphones and other devices on a Dante network, including the DT164-W and DT168 expanders. 96/48kHz, DDM ready and AES67 compatible.


The Waves card provides AHM processors with a 64×64, 96kHz or 48kHz interface to a Waves SoundGrid network using the I/O Port.


The 128x128 SLink card gives AHM-16 and AHM-32 processors access to the Everything I/O range of audio expanders, and adds further I/O capability to AHM-64.


A MADI 48kHz/96kHz card is also available, with two coaxial links and a dedicated word clock BNC for synchronization with broadcast or AV equipment.



Windows 11

Please note that the correct operation of this platform is not yet verified by our Software Test department. As a result, support for Windows 11 is not currently offered for this Allen & Heath product. We will update this notice as our test programmes are completed. In the meantime we advise against updating your OS.

V1.11 is a maintenance release of AHM-64 firmware and System Manager software. The System Manager application includes firmware files for the AHM unit. Please read the Release Notes before downloading.

AHM System Manager V1.11 for Mac

Supports macOS Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur

AHM System Manager V1.11 for Windows

Supports Windows 7 (64bit) / 10 (64bit)

Previous Releases

AHM System Manager V1.10 for Mac

Supports macOS Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur

AHM System Manager V1.10 for Windows

Supports Windows 7 (64bit) / 10 (64bit)

AHM System Manager V1.03 for Mac

Supports macOS Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur

AHM System Manager V1.03 for Windows

Supports Windows 7 (64bit) / 10 (64bit)

AHM System Manager V1.02 for Mac

Supports macOS Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur

AHM System Manager V1.02 for Windows

Supports Windows 7 (64bit) / 10 (64bit)

AHM System Manager V1.00 for Mac

Supports macOS Mojave 10.14

AHM System Manager V1.00 for Windows

Supports Windows 7 (64bit) / 10 (64bit)

Custom Control is a customizable, cross-platform control app, providing elegant, bespoke control over Allen & Heath installed audio systems. For more information on Custom Control and to download the software please see here.

Allen & Heath MIDI Control works by creating virtual MIDI ports in Mac OS or Windows and then connecting these to the mixer either with or without translation. You can send and receive MIDI messages directly to and from the AHM-64 for remote control of mixing parameters, scene changes and other functions.

For more information on MIDI Control and to download the driver please see here.

Drivers for industry-leading control systems are available here.


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