21 Series

The 21 series was designed as an affordable console for live sound, installation and stereo recording. Two or more 21 series consoles can be linked via buss access points for stereo and mono outputs, cue and echo sends and the PFL system.




  • Formats: 621 (6ch), 1221 (12ch), 1821 (18ch), 2421 (24ch)
  • L, R and Mono outputs. Mono output can be used to create an extra foldback mix, or can feed a mono PA, allowing the L and R faders to be used as subgroups or as recording outputs
  • 2 auxiliaries. 1 pre fade, 1 post fade
  • 3 band EQ with separate for sweep and cut/boost on mid band
  • 2 FX returns with level and pan to stereo channels
  • Peak led metering on channels and VU meters on L and R outputs
  • PSU. MPS7 external linear power supply


21 Series Documents

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