Big-budget broadcasters and studios have been enjoying the benefits of digital mixing for a while, so we thought it was about time gigging musicians, schools, small churches and AV hire companies got a piece of the action.

We set out on a mission to create a ‘gig in a box’, a compact mixer with digital gates, compressors, EQs and FX built in. Now for the price of a regular mixer you get a powerful digital system with a rack’s worth of quality extra gear inside, plus the great bonus of being able to save your settings to ensure perfect sound time after time.




  • 6 Mono Inputs
  • 2 Dual Stereo Channels
  • Stereo Mix Outputs
  • Powered AB Outputs
  • Foldback & Auxiliary Sends
  • Equalisers
  • Digital FX
  • Compressors