The monitor application has grown dramatically in recent times with the evolution of multiple wedge and stereo in-ear systems which can quickly exceed the mix capability of all but the most expensive consoles. The GL2800M adds a fully featured yet affordable dedicated monitor console to the popular GL Series live sound range. It is compact, easy to use, offers the best of analogue reliability and sound, and has a capability that rivals that of much bigger and more expensive consoles. Mechanically similar to the GL2800 with its solid, individual card , nutted pot construction, it has the same space saving footprint and flight case outline, includes a built-in mic splitter and provides no fewer than 16 mixes plus a comprehensive dual output engineer’s wedge/IEM monitoring system.





  • 24, 32, 40 and 48 channel frame sizes
  • 16 mixes globally assigned as mono or stereo with level and pan
  • Built-in passive mic splitter with ground lift switching
  • All masters include polarity switch, swept HPF and 6dB dim function
  • Mix 1-8 include 2 band swept frequency output EQ
  • Engineer’s IEM and wedge monitors with faders, meters, inserts and XLR
  • IEM/wedge monitor external inputs for FOH comms and IEM rack monitoring
  • Mix AFL assignable to either wedge or IEM monitor
  • PAFL logic includes PFL override AFL, mono/stereo AFL, PFL to wedge enable
  • Headphones follow IEM mode, includes ¼” and 3.5mm jacks
  • Talkback with independent selection to all mixes and external output
  • Talk latch mode for use with switched hand held talkback mic
  • Built-in oscillator/ pink noise generator assignable to any mix output
  • Built-in dual supply combiner for additional power supply as a backup
  • 4 mute groups
  • Solid individual card, nutted pot construction in a no nonsense all steel chassis