GL3000 is an 8 group live sound console, designed for use in front-of-house, monitoring or combined roles. Feedback from GL3000 users led to the creation of the GL3300.





  • Dual functionality. GRP/Aux mode switches reverse aux master section with the group faders, giving up to 8 monitor sends with inserts on 100mm faders
  • Formats: 16, 24, 32 and 40 channels
  • 8 audio groups. Assignable from paired routing buttons and pan from channel. Groups 5-8 have XLR outputs, 1-4 are to the mix only. All have inserts
  • 8 auxiliary sends. Switchable pre/post fade in blocks: 1-4, 5-8
  • 12×2 matrix fed from groups, LR busses and stereo returns
  • 4 band EQ with separate sweep and cut/boost on mid bands. HPF @ 100Hz is switchable
  • Stereo channels. 16 channel versions had all mono channels. All other models had 4 stereo inputs to the right of the master section. Mic or line source on 2 XLRs or 2 TRS jacks
  • 2 stereo returns on TRS line inputs with 60mm fader and routing to group, LR and matrix
  • 12 segment bargraph meters on L&R. 4 segment leds on GRP/Aux masters. 3 segment leds on channels. Optional VU meterbridge was available for 24-40 channel versions
  • Lamp socket (BNC)
  • PSU. Console was supplied with RPS9 rack mounting (2U) linear power supply