The GL3800 features an enhanced capability for the latest in live sound mixing, and is truly dual-function with all 10 auxes configurable to fader control with insert point and XLR drive. Available in frame sizes up to 48 channels, with the choice of all mono, 4 or 8 stereo channels, the mixer also includes a meterpod with illuminated VUs, and front and rear ident strips.

This great sounding, well featured console has a familiar, walk-up-and-go layout and responsive feel, giving the engineer the very best of analogue console engineering.



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  • 24, 32, 40, and 48 channel frames
  • A,B,C,D mono/stereo channel options
  • LR and M main mixes
  • 8 Audio groups with pan and routing to LR and M
  • 10 Auxes including a dedicated stereo send with level and pan controls
  • 2 multi-function stereo channels each with mic and stereo line inputs
  • 2 extra dual stereos provide 4 summed or independent stereo returns
  • Fully featured 12×4 Matrix
  • Proper dual functionality for FoH, monitor mixing, or both
  • Recording capable with channel direct outputs
  • M can be used for centre/sub mix, LR mono sum, or engineers wedge
  • Matrix external inputs with level trims and common input capability
  • Stereo channel mic inputs can cross patch into matrix for ambience feed
  • Responsive 4 band, 2 sweep EQ
  • 100Hz channel high pass filters
  • Individual phantom power and polarity switching
  • Integral meterpod with 11 LED-illuminated, moving coil VU meters
  • Wide angle LED channel and master meters
  • Dedicated stereo monitor meters
  • Per channel pre/post fader aux switching for full flexibility
  • Front panel pre/post-EQ switches for user preference
  • Mutes on all fader masters
  • 100mm premium grade dual rail faders
  • Assignable talkback to all outputs, includes a talk switch latch mode
  • 1kHz oscillator / pink noise generator with external output
  • 2-track monitoring and replay to LR
  • 3 headphones/earpiece sockets and local monitor outputs
  • Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability
  • Preamp 74dB range with +34dBu input capability for mic or line
  • Ultra low noise mix head amp design
  • Uses RPS11 high performance, external linear power supply
  • Built-in combiner for redundant backup supply
  • Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots
  • Sys-Link V2 console input/output linking option
  • 4-pin XLR lamp sockets –  Allen & Heath LEDlamp available.

Mono / Stereo Channel Options:

A = all mono channels
B = 4 stereos to right of masters
C = 4 stereos on far right side
D = 8 stereos on far right side

GL3800 Documents

Download brochures, user guides and other documents for this product.

Allen & Heath PDF
Large Format Live Sound Brochure Issue 4

Includes GL2400 GL2800 GL3800 and ML3000.

Allen & Heath PDF
GL3800 Syslink Applications Note Issue 2

SYS-LINK is an Allen and Heath connection standard for linking two analogue consoles together to expand the number of input channels feeding the mixes.


Allen & Heath + macOS Mojave

In anticipation of the launch of Apple’s latest update to macOS, Mojave, please note the following:

The correct operation of the full, public release of this platform is not yet verified by our development and test departments.
As a result, support for macOS Mojave is not currently offered for this product.

Full software testing and verification will commence following the official launch by Apple. As our test programmes are completed we will update this notice.