GS3000 is an 8 group, in-line analogue mixer which was aimed primarily at commercial and project recording studios. Users included New Model Army and Johnny Marr.




  • Formats: 24 or 32 inputs (each with 2 dual stereo inputs, giving 52 or 68 inputs to the mix)
  • 8 audio groups
  • Twin fader, dual path input (100mm ‘A’ path fader, 60mm ‘B’ path fader)
  • 2 patchable valve (tube) preamps
  • The main fader path is always used for monitoring, eliminating the need for fader swapping
  • 6 auxiliary sends, accessible from A or B path
  • 4 band EQ with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands. Rotary ‘Q’ controls, EQ in/out switching and routing via A or B path
  • MIDI mute automation with scenes and groups is provided as standard, together with MMC, allowing control of tape machine functions from the console
  • Solo-in-place and PFL
  • 2 studio playback feeds
  • Control room and alternative speaker feeds
  • Peak led metering on channels and 12 segment bargraph meters on groups and LR. A bargraph meterpod was offered as an option


GS3000 Documents

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