iLive Editor OVERVIEW

One of the most exciting aspects of iLive is its ability to configure the system offline before the show, check and edit show files from guest engineers, and control the mix live using one or more PC or MAC laptops or touch tablets running iLive Editor. iLive Editor software is available free of charge and gives complete wired or wireless control of the iLive system using standard TCP/IP Ethernet.

The laptop can be used at the same time as or instead of the Surface providing a compact alternative for discrete mixing, and the ability to carry out different tasks at the same time. For example, monitors can be tweaked on stage using a wireless laptop while another engineer runs the FOH sound check from the Surface. Custom strips are provided to create a personal, ‘virtual surface’ layout on Editor.

iLive Editor is available for free to download here.

Operating modes


Configure your iLive system, channel plot and Surface layout before your show on the plane, tour bus or in the office. Edit guest engineer Show files before transferring them to USB key to load into the iLive at the venue.



Online to MixRack and Surface

Editor adds a second ‘virtual’ control surface to the iLive system providing simultaneous control. For example, one engineer can run the FOH sond check from the Surface while another dials in the monitor mixes using the laptop on stage.


Online to MixRack only

For systems without an iLive Surface. Combine your laptop and any iLive MixRack for probably the most compact, portable and powerful 64 channel live mixing system available today. Connect a second laptop or an iPad for separate FOH/Monitor control.