The WZ3 12M is an easy-to-use compact mixer for on-stage monitoring. Developed to cater for the demand for multiple stereo mixes on stage for personal headphone monitoring, WizardMonitor allows musicians to easily control their own mixes on stage, while the mixer will also be at home in rehearsal rooms and studios.

Now in its 3rd generation, the legendary MixWizard range builds on its market leading status by adding a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality. Other improvements include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket and backup supply capability.




  • 16 mic/line inpupts with balanced XLR connectors and TRS jack inserts
  • Built-in passive mic splitter with ground lift switch
  • High performance WZ3 preamp
  • Responsive 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable mids and in/out switching
  • 12 mix outputs available as mono or stereo pairs on colour-coded 60mm faders. Sends 1-4 are switched pre/post fader and sends 5-12 are set to postfade operation
  • Stereo mode switch – pressing the switch configures the related odd/even numbered mixes for mono or stereo operation
  • PFL, signal and peak LEDs
  • Mono or stereo AFL – pressing both AFL switches on a pair of channels checks the mix output in stereo
  • Metering – Twin 3-colour, 12 segment bargraphs show the level of the left and right engineer’s monitor signals
  • 19-inch rack-mount or desktop configuration
  • Quick Change Connector (QCC) system allows desk or rack mounting
  • Built-in power supply with back-up input socket
  • Headphone sockets for both 1/4″ and mini jack