The WZ3 16:2 is a versatile, easy to use 16 mic/line channel mixer – the next generation of this industry standard multi-purpose design.

Now in its 3rd generation, the legendary MixWizard range builds on its market leading status by adding a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality. Other improvements include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket and backup supply capability.




  • 16 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, and direct output
  • 100mm Faders – throughout
  • 4-band EQ – comprehensive equalisation with 2 sweepable mids
  • 6 auxiliary sends – 2 pre, 2 switched, 2 post fade (may be reconfigured)
  • 2 stereo returns – on TRS jack
  • Dedicated mono output fader with innovative mode for control of aux fed subs
  • Independent A-B output to feed any number of applications, including a 2-track recorder, monitor foldback or speaker fills
  • Metering – Twin 3-colour, 12 segment bargraphs follow selected monitor source, channel signal and peak LEDs
  • Onboard FX – 16 FX programs with external editing software connected via MIDI
  • Pluggable jumpers for user configurability
  • Mounting – desk or rack mountable, with rotating connector pod
  • Sys-Link 2 output option – for connection to other Allen & Heath Sys-Link compatible consoles




The internal FX parameters may be edited via MIDI using a PC running the Allen & Heath FX Editor software. Note that the FX processor was changed during production of the latest generation WZ3 models. One version of Editor software is available for the earlier WZ2 and first release of the WZ3. A different version is now available for the more recent WZ3 release. To check which version you need refer to the serial number of your console:

For earlier serial numbers starting W21602… W21202… W31602… W31202 download Wizard FX Editor software V1.01: Wizard FX Editor Software V1.01

For more recent serial numbers starting W31622… W31222… download Wizard FX Editor software V3.00 Wizard FX Editor Software V3.00

Please read the Release Notes that come with the software before starting. For information on using your own MIDI hardware or software to edit the FX parameters please refer to the MIDI specification document below.

To read the WZ FX Editor v3.00 Release Notes please click here