ML3000 is a dual function, LCRplus, 4 group, 8 aux, 8×4 matrix, VCA console. Frame sizes range from 24+2 to 48+2 channels, with B option for more stereo channels.

This compact VCA mixer is packed with all the tools you need for professional live sound mixing. The ML3000 offers an I/O capability and feature set that satisfies the latest trends in live sound engineering, in particular the growing number of inputs and outputs for multi-speaker house and monitor systems, demands of stereo in-ear monitoring, 3 speaker LCR imaging, advanced grouping and automation.




  • 24+2, 32+2, 40+2, 48+2 channel frames
  • 2 extra dual input stereo channels fitted as standard
  • B option for 4 extra dual stereo in place of mono channels
  • 8 VCA groups for level control
  • Dual functionality for mixing front-of-house, stage monitors or both
  • Monitor mode provides auxes with faders, inserts, mutes and meters
  • 4 audio groups for inserting processors or feeding the matrix
  • 8 aux sends plus aux 7-8 stereo mode for creating a true stereo mix
  • 8×4 matrix with inserts and external inputs
  • 8 mute groups
  • 4 band EQ with swept mid range
  • Swept 20-400Hz HPF
  • Stereos can mix two balanced stereo sources into one channel
  • 128 snapshot memories for MIDI/RS232 recall of VCA assignments and mutes
  • Allen & Heath ML Archiver software available for PC control of the memories
  • Talkback to any of the fader masters and LCR outputs
  • PFL override AFL for quick input/output monitoring
  • Fader driven engineer’s listen wedge feed with insert in monitor mode
  • Simultaneous LED bar and moving coil VU metering of all main outputs and P/AFL
  • Channel meters
  • Separate stereo headphones and local monitor control
  • LCR to stereo engineer’s monitor capability
  • 1kHz oscillator / pink noise generator
  • Preamp input capability for mic or line up to +30dBu
  • Main, group, aux and matrix outputs on balanced XLR
  • 4-pin XLR lamp sockets – Allen & Heath LEDlamp available
  • Uses RPS11 high performance external linear power supply
  • Optional RPSD2 dual supply combiner to link another RPS11 for backup
  • Optional Sys-Link V2 input/output option to link consoles for more channels
  • Internal aux jumper options for pre-insert, pre/post-EQ, pre/post-mute settings
  • Internal direct output jumper options for pre/post-fade or to use aux 1 level trim





ML Operating Software

This software controls the console internal computer. The same software works with both the ML3000, ML4000 and ML5000 consoles and sidecars. Hardware links on the console cpu board automatically determine the console type. The software is loaded into the console through its RS232 port. Make sure you update both the console and any sidecars to run the same version.

ML Archiver

A Windows application that runs on a PC connected to your console. It lets you save the console settings and snapshot memories to a disk file. Use this to archive your settings as a backup or for future recall. The same software works with ML5000, ML4000 and ML3000.