The S2 mixer was manufactured by Allen & Heath but not sold or marketed by us. We manufactured it on behalf of Thatched Cottage Audio, a distributor in South-East England (now defunct). Consequently we do not have brochures or price-lists for this console. S2 was an 8-buss in-line studio recording mixer with MIDI Mute Automation.

Many of the features developed for the S2 were later incorporated into the GS3.


S2 Thatched Cottage main image


  • MIDI automation of channel, monitor and effects return mutes
  • Formats: 16 and 24 channel versions were produced
  • 8 audio groups
  • 6 aux busses
  • In-line monitoring
  • Channel direct to tape switches allowing up to 24 tracks to be recorded at once
  • Separate EQ for channel and monitor paths
  • Dedicated stereo cue monitor output
  • 4 stereo FX returns with EQ, cue sends and routing to all outputs
  • Monitoring and record source switching for two 2-track machines
  • Dedicated stereo control room monitor output
  • LED bargraph metering and separate channel peak LEDs
  • Inserts on channels, groups and stereo mix
  • Monitor and talkback facilities
  • 2 frequency line-up oscillator



S2 Documents

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