The S2 mixer was manufactured by Allen & Heath but not sold or marketed by us. We manufactured it on behalf of Thatched Cottage Audio, a distributor in South-East England (now defunct). Consequently we do not have brochures or price-lists for this console. S2 was an 8-buss in-line studio recording mixer with MIDI Mute Automation.

Many of the features developed for the S2 were later incorporated into the GS3.


S2 Thatched Cottage main image


  • MIDI automation of channel, monitor and effects return mutes
  • Formats: 16 and 24 channel versions were produced
  • 8 audio groups
  • 6 aux busses
  • In-line monitoring
  • Channel direct to tape switches allowing up to 24 tracks to be recorded at once
  • Separate EQ for channel and monitor paths
  • Dedicated stereo cue monitor output
  • 4 stereo FX returns with EQ, cue sends and routing to all outputs
  • Monitoring and record source switching for two 2-track machines
  • Dedicated stereo control room monitor output
  • LED bargraph metering and separate channel peak LEDs
  • Inserts on channels, groups and stereo mix
  • Monitor and talkback facilities
  • 2 frequency line-up oscillator



S2 Documents

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Allen & Heath + macOS Mojave

In anticipation of the launch of Appleā€™s latest update to macOS, Mojave, please note the following:

The correct operation of the full, public release of this platform is not yet verified by our development and test departments.
As a result, support for macOS Mojave is not currently offered for this product.

Full software testing and verification will commence following the official launch by Apple. As our test programmes are completed we will update this notice.