Scepter is a versatile rack mounting mixer, created for use in live sound and installation roles. Scepter’s success paved the way for the later GL2 and MixWizard series, meeting a growing demand for high quality in a compact, rackmount console.




  • 10 mono inputs with switching between individual +48V phantom power switching, mic and line signals, pad, 4 aux sends, 3 band EQ with swept mid and HPF, pan, mute switch and led, pfl, peak and signal present metering and 100mm fader
  • 4 auxiliary sends (A,B,C,D). A&B are pre fader, pre EQ. C&D are post fader. Individual auxes can be set to pre/post fader via internal links
  • 3 band EQ with separate for sweep and cut/boost on mid band and corner frequency switching on LF between 60Hz and 120Hz. EQ in/out switching and HPF (hi-pass filter) switch giving -12dB per octave cut off with a corner frequency of 80Hz
  • 4 EFX returns with pfl, level and pan controls to the LR mix
  • 2 stereo returns with pfl, level and balance controls to the LR mix. Summed mono aux sends to A and B for wet monitoring
  • Peak and signal present led metering on channels. 10 segment bargraph metering on L and R outputs
  • Independent stereo output (pre LR faders, internally switchable post LR faders)
  • Independent mono output (pre LR faders, internally switchable post LR faders)
  • Lamp. BNC 12v connector for lamp
  • PSU. MPS8P external linear power supply. Also compatible with MPS9 and RPS9


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