Xone:43C is the perfect gateway to the full spectrum of digital DJing. The mixer is supported by leading DJ Software, Serato DJ, and is DVS upgrade ready with the addition of the Serato DJ Club Kit – eliminating the need for any external interface. Whatever your workflow, Xone:43C delivers a uniquely fluid mixing experience.

Xone:43C is a 4+1 channel mixer, offering a simple and intuitive layout with sublime analogue audio quality. The mixer is equipped with the legendary Xone filter, 3 band EQ, plus X:FX, giving a single control per channel over the send/return to work with external FX units. For even more hands-on creativity, the X:FX can also be routed to the Xone filter to add layers of FX and filtering. Xone:43C also incorporates a premium quality internal 16 Channel USB Soundcard for integration into digital DJ workflows, plus plug n’ play connection via X:LINK to Xone:K series controllers for expanded MIDI control.

The crossfader has three switchable curve settings for blending or scratching styles and can be easily replaced or upgraded to a custom Innofader for ultimate crossfader performance.

With balanced XLR main outputs, independent booth and record outputs, Xone:43C  has the quality and versatility to become the centrepiece of the club booth or audiophile personal DJ setup.


Product Features


Serato DVS Ready

Xone:43C is an affordable, elegant solution for using Serato NoiseMap™ Control Vinyl or CDs for hands-on control over Serato DJ software. For new users, simply purchase the Serato DJ Club Kit which is available in-app within Serato DJ or via the Serato Online Store.

Xone:43C offers a convenient, plug ‘n play route into DVS DJing, eliminiating the expense and clutter of using an external interface. (Mixer does not support full control of Serato Video).

High Quality Internal Soundcard

Xone:43C incorporates a high specification 16 Channel 96kHz, 24bit USB Soundcard, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into digital DJ workflows.



Xone Filter System

The original and best. The Xone filter is a legend in the DJ booth – none of its imitators come close. Xone:43C’s filter includes HPF, BPF, LPF, resonance control and frequency sweep, plus the option to route the X:FX to the filter.


An intuitive and simple new way to work with external FX – X:FX provides a single control per channel over the send/return to work with external FX units. For even more hands-on creativity, the X:FX can also be routed to the Xone filter to add layers of FX and filtering.




For the ultimate digital DJ setup, connect Xone:K series controllers to the Xone:43C over X:Link for hands-on control over your software. When used with Serato DJ, the Xone:K1 is pre-mapped to control cues, loops and Serato DJ FX for control decks 1 through 4.

4+1 Channels

On top of its four fully featured phono/USB/line channels, Xone:43C has a flexible mic / aux input with XLR and phono connectors. If you don’t perform with mics, the phono inputs allow this channel to be used as an extra stereo music source.



Innofader Compatible

Upgrade to a custom Innofader crossfader (available separately) for ultimate performance. Always a popular choice for scratch DJs.

Dedicated Booth and Record Outputs

Fully fledged local monitor (booth) output and separate Record output to capture the mix is a rarity at this price point, making Xone:43C perfect for the DJ who requires a compact mix tool.


  • 16 channel 96kHz 24bit internal soundcard
  • Serato DJ and DVS Upgrade Ready
  • X:LINK for plug n’ play connection to Xone:K series controllers
  • 4 channels with phono/USB/line inputs
  • VCF Filter system – low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters plus frequency and resonance controls
  • 3-band EQ
  • External FX loop (Send/Return) system with dry/wet control per channel
  • Mic input on balanced XLR, with 2-band EQ
  • Balanced main mix out on XLR
  • Independent booth out
  • Record out
  • 3.5mm and 1/4″ headphone outputs
  • Touring grade build quality
  • Super smooth VCA channel faders
  • User changeable crossfader
  • Innofader compatible
  • Crossfader curve switch
  • 20dB pro standard headroom
  • 9-segment signal level monitoring

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Xone:43C Videos

Allen & Heath Video
Introducing Xone:43C
Allen & Heath Video
Mr Switch - World DJ Champion scratches with new Xone:43C Mixer
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Introducing Xone:43C (German)

Xone:43C Documents

Allen & Heath PDF
Xone:43C User Guide

Xone:43C User Guide - issue 2

Allen & Heath PDF
Xone:43C Quick Start Guide

Xone:43C Quick Start Guide

Allen & Heath PDF
Xone:43C Quick Start Guide: SeratoDJ

Xone:43C - Serato Quick Start Guide

Allen & Heath PDF
Serato Quick Start Guide: Xone:43C

Serato Quick Start Guide - Xone:43C

Allen & Heath PDF
Xone:43/43C Brochure

Xone 43 Series brochure


XONE:43C Software

We recommend checking to ensure all your DJ software & third-party apps are
supported before updating your Mac’s Operating System.

Apple macOS: The XONE:43C is a Mac USB Class Compliant CoreAudio CoreMIDI interface;
You do not need to install Device Drivers for use with macOS platforms.
Xone:43C is currently supported as ‘plug & play’ hardware for macOS.

Legacy Mac Device Drivers
Please read the corresponding Software Release Notes before installing.

Previous Version:

Xone:43C Mac Device Software V3311_3 (March 2019)

macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Sierra (10.12)

Xone:43C Mac driver v3.3.2 (DEC 2015)

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Xone:43C Mac Driver v3.3.0 (APR 2015)

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite)

Here you can download the latest Windows PC Device Software (‘drivers’ and ‘firmware’) for your XONE:43C.

From time to time, Allen&Heath Ltd may publish software patches to optimize the digital interface.
Check to ensure your Xone:43C is running current Device Software:

Please read the corresponding Software Release Notes before installing.

Current Version: v2.9.95.2

Previous Version:

Xone:43C Windows Drivers v2.9.66 (OCT 2018)

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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