Xone_-PB_3Q_MainDesigned to simplify changes in busy club line ups, the Xone:PB is a passive interface box providing a quick and easy solution for connecting digital vinyl control systems (DVS) and DJ sound cards.

Eliminating the need to re-patch the installed mixer every time a DJ wants to use a DVS system, a patch bay quickly becomes an essential facility, keeping the booth free of excess cabling and helping to improve system integrity.

RB_Xone_FB RB_Xone_YT RB_Xone_SC


  • Two switchable inverse RIAA filters, enabling line level sources to be connected to the phono preamplifiers of the mixer
  • Common mode noise attenuation filtering on all external inputs to help reduce laptop power supply noise
  • Earth lift switch to help prevent ground loops 1U rack size


XONE:PB Videos

Allen & Heath Video
Alex Barrand - Technical Manager - Ministry of Sound – on Xone:PB
Allen & Heath Video
Sanj - Technical Manager - Fabric - on Xone:PB

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