Allen & Heath has completed a series of dLive certified training courses across China, organised in partnership with its distributor, EZPro. The trainings were led by Technical Marketing Manager, Léon Philips and delivered in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Over the course of two days, attendees were provided with a complete overview of the full dLive ecosystem, from the compact C1500 and various fly-rig options to the larger dLive surfaces and full range of ‘Everything I/O’ expanders.

"I want to thank Allen & Heath for bringing the wonderful training sessions to our clients. Léon is very experienced and lead our clients to explore many powerful tools that the dLive system provides,” comments Tao Cheng, Director of the Rental Department at EZPro. “They were also greatly impressed by the hands-on tips and techniques that Leon showed. This certified training was incredibly successful in helping our clients have a deeper understanding of the flagship series."

Attendees were also given hands-on sessions with the products, using multitrack distributed via a Dante network, and covered both live sound and installation applications for the dLive system.

Philips adds, “The sessions were very lively and we spent a lot of time going through the range of on-board DEEP processing, the Dyn8 multi-band processor, the FX racks and their sonic applications in the real world. The engineers had a very high standard of technical competence and were keen to explore the flexibility of the dLive surface layouts and different ways to control the system. I’d like to thank EZPro for the level of support offered by our partners and it gives me great confidence that we’ll start to see more and more Allen & Heath solutions in the region.”