The Agenda streetwear and action sports festival made waves in Long Beach, California on June 30th as over 15,000 fans gathered to take in a wide array of music, brands and experiences. The Agenda Festival is a one-day event which can be thought of as a curated mall of pop-up shops dropped in the middle of a music festival. Over 500 of the most influential street and lifestyle brands in the world drew crowds alongside live music from featured acts such as Brockhampton, Lil Yachty, Yung Lean, and 16-year-old rising star Billie Eilish.

An Allen & Heath dLive S5000 handled front of house duties while another S5000 supported monitors for Billie Eilish’s highly-anticipated performance. A dLive fan and Los Angeles native, the indie electro-pop wunderkind has over 100 million streams on Spotify alone and her music has been featured on the Netflix series, “Thirteen Reasons Why.”


According to Mike Bangs, Touring / Live Sound Manager for Allen & Heath USA, “Billie has been out with dLive for a while now and since she was local for this show she opted to go big with a pair of S5000 surfaces with DM48 and DM0 MixRacks. The fully redundant configuration was straightforward using a digital split over gigaACE, with 96kHz audio passing through the system around the arena as needed."

Swedish artist Yung Lean opted for a more portable approach, flying in an Allen & Heath C1500 from Europe to use on his shows in the United States. Bangs commented, “We had a C1500 running off of a DM0 at front of house for Yung Lean, who brought it all the way from Sweden. They’ve been taking this all over the US, which puts an exclamation point on how portable the system is.” Using just four rack spaces, the DM0 dLive MixRack is targeted at distributed audio scenarios and digital splits, housing Allen & Heath's XCVI processing core along with audio I/O, control and audio networking ports.


“The Agenda Festival is all about the next big thing, so it’s fitting to see dLive showing up with multiple artists on the bill,” says Jeff Hawley, Marketing Manager for Allen & Heath USA. “From the flyable C1500 all the way up to S7000, dLive is the intuitive, powerful and reliable festival console choice no matter which artist steps out on the stage.”