Foreign Diplomats' News Conferences Run Smoother Thanks to A&H Mix Rack.

​News conferences and foreign policy panel discussions at the Korea Economic Institute (KEI) in Washington, D.C. are now running seamlessly since an Allen & Health iDR32 mix engine with iLive Editor were installed. KEI's mission is to broaden and deepen understanding among Americans about developments in Korea and the value of the U.S.-Korea relationship. The new iLive system allows all the processing and routing for the KEI conference room to be done from inside the control room. The system also employs the iLive Tweak iPhone app and iLive MixPad iPad app for wireless control and flexibility.



The iLive system replaces analog equipment that had to be housed in a projector room. This meant audio engineers would have to leave the control room in the middle of a news conference to go to the projector room to make adjustments to the volume. The new system was designed and installed by Michael Yoo, senior system engineer, Genesis Technology, in conjunction with Charles Cassell of Audio Associates.

"No matter how stealthy the engineers tried to be when they left the control room, it was very disruptive to the speakers as well as the audience, " said Michael Yoo. "As soon as the door opened, light would flood the room and create a significant distraction."

KEI's new system is now completely self-contained and eliminates the need to leave the control room to tweak the volume. In addition to a PL-6 inside the control room, an A&H PL-4 remote control wall plate was installed in the conference room. This feature provides users inside the conference room with the option of manually adjusting the volume on four inputs.

"Understanding the complexities of today's international economic and public policies requires a high level of concentration," said Michael Palmer, vice president , Allen & Heath USA. "I like to think that by removing audio-related distractions at KEI, maybe in some small way, A&H is contributing to better world relations."