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Allen & Heath Provides Reliable and User-Friendly Audio Control at Fenghua Sports Center

The newly built Fenghua Sports Center is located in Fenghua District, Ningbo City, with a total construction area of approximately 35,000 square metres. The Center consists of a 7,000-seat stadium, a 700-seat swimming complex (with an indoor tennis hall), outdoor training facilities, activity venues, and ancillary facilities, and the large-scale project was designed with Fenghua marine culture and the aesthetics of boat paddles as the key inspiration to create an attractive and ecological building. Now a city landmark, the center hosts a variety of functions such as extreme sports, competitive sports, leisure and fitness, and assembly celebrations.

Chinese AV solutions provider EZPro was handed the task of supplying and installing the audio system for the new center, presented with a mission to deliver a reliable, “always-on” solution that was also flexible and offered a straightforward user-friendly interface. 

For the stadium audio system, reliability, ease-of-use, and audio quality were key factors in EZPro’s decision-making process. With all this in mind, they opted for an Allen & Heath Avantis console for mixing duties, partnered with a DX168 portable stagebox expander, offering 16 ins and 8 outs, and the larger GX4816 expander, featuring 48 ins and 16 outs plus additional DX connectivity, to provide distributed analogue inputs and outputs to the system.

Built around Allen & Heath’s ultra-low latency 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine, Avantis is a 64-channel mixing console featuring the innovative Continuity UI, enabling users to comfortably see and interact with what matters on two 15.6” touchscreens, 24 assignable SoftKeys, and 24 faders over 6 layers. 

Over in the swimming complex, the main audio system has been structured around an SQ-7, paired with an AR2412 expander which provides an additional 24×12 analogue I/O to the system. Allen & Heath’s SQ mixer series delivers 48 channels of 96kHz audio with a class-leading <0.7ms latency. The largest mixer in the range, SQ-7 provides 32 onboard preamps, 16 Line Outputs, and 33 faders over 6 layers. 

Both Avantis and SQ mixers are compatible with Allen & Heath’s acclaimed DEEP processing add-ons which, in addition to the in-built options, provide effective processing tools to meet the varied demands of live and installed sound applications. Additionally, both mixers are compatible with the Everything I/O ecosystem of audio expanders and several audio networking cards including Dante, MADI, Waves and more. 

“The Allen & Heath system ticks all the boxes; powerful processing tools, super-fast setup, and unrivalled ease of use,” concludes Wu Ziqiang, Technical Engineer at EZPro. “The variety of built-in processing tools greatly helped FOH engineers to deliver a studio-quality mix in the large venue.”

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