Allen & Heath’s dLive system has recently provided support for the popular, long-running Swedish TV game show, Så Ska det Låta, based on the Irish precursor ‘The Lyrics Board’.

A DM64 MixRack and S7000 Surface forms the backbone of the system, with the demanding monitoring requirements of the presenters, contestants and musicians all handled by dLive’s configurable 64 bus architecture and flexible routing options.

Peter Fredriksson, monitor engineer for the show, comments, “It’s quite a special experience as you have to be on your toes all the time, particularly when you have four competitors trying to win points by guessing songs from intros, words, pictures or something performed by the local studio orchestra.”

The set-up also includes four DX168 expanders, which provide remote inputs and outputs to IEM systems for the musicians in the studio orchestra. Fredriksson continues, “It’s very fast-paced and you have to stay in control of a lot of information and sounds, at the same time, for multiple people. For me it is critical to have a quick and easy set-up, as some shows may feature an extra contestant and dLive’s drag and drop feature allows for this easy workflow. Particularly when it comes to adding extra channels to a specific team layer quickly!”

dLive’s Virtual Soundcheck function is employed with a Waves 3 card taking care of the recording and playback of Virtual Soundcheck audio to a computer running Waves Tracks Live. A superMADI audio networking card interfaces the dLive system with the production control room and FOH-mixer, enabling up to 128 channels of bi-directional audio at 96kHz.

Fredriksson adds, “The flexible workflow dLive provides makes my job smooth and easy, particularly with the recall filter function as this type of show has so many different needs for sound; one song could be classical, the next hard rock, then pop and going into soft ballads! Plus, dLive has such a high sound quality, it’s great - you always know what you’re getting with dLive!”

Now in its 24th season, the new series will feature 8 episodes and will be aired in January 2019 on Sveriges Television (SVT).