Convening once again at Winter NAMM, Allen & Heath USA’s sales force gathered to attend the company’s annual sales and marketing awards ceremony, which this year bestowed 2018 Rep of the Year distinction upon Lawrenceville, Georgia-based HWPco. In addition to its top sales honor, Allen & Heath additionally presented its annual Sales Bulldogs Awards, as well as its Marketing and Outstanding Performance Awards.

Recipients of the Sales Bulldogs Award included Shawn McLoughlin (AudioBiz, Inc.), Wes Pitzer (Highway Marketing), Casey McWilliams (CM Sales), Rich Nichols (John B. Anthony Company), Patrick Oates, Kevin Duthu, and Brooks Platts (all of HWPco), Kyle Gish (Audio Geer), Willy Seltzer (Image Marketing West), and Brandon Operchuck (Audio Geer). “I’ve never seen such a tenacious group of Bulldogs,” said Allen & Heath USA Senior VP Tim Schaeffer. “These guys aren’t afraid to sink their teeth into anything, and their numbers prove it. Theirs will be a hard act to follow.

Taking home Allen & Heath’s Outstanding Performance Award were CM Sales, Audio Geer, Brownestone, Highway Marketing, HWPco, Protech, and RDA. Now in its second year, Allen & Heath’s Marketing Excellence Award went to Chet Neal of Mainline Marketing.

Commenting on the latter award, Allen & Heath USA marketing manager Jeff Hawley said, "Chet and everyone at Mainline Marketing demonstrated true marketing excellence by going above and beyond while creating new partnerships and opportunities and supplying quality content along the way.”

Rep of the Year HWPco was founded in 1970 as an independent manufacturer’s rep in the Southeast. Known for its dedication to bringing quality products and technical expertise to the marketplace, the company is divided into four separate groups: The AV Systems Group, Pro User Group, Critical Systems Group, and CE Systems Group.

New for this year, the awards ceremony additionally included a live performance by singer/songwriter Hart Sawyer, who was recently featured in a series of promotional videos done for Allen & Heath’s ZED Series mixers.

American Music and Sound President Lynn Martin added, “We have amazingly talented reps who really understand and support our high-level sales and marketing goals and work to exceed them out in the field. Congratulations to all of the winners on their amazing year."