Bass player Andy The Kid is set to start touring internationally with the help of Allen & Heath’s Qu-Pac digital mixer.

Former Static-X bass player, Andy The Kid (ATK), gets ready to kick off his first solo tour using Allen & Heath’s Qu-Pac digital mixer.

The Australian born bass player, who is also a part of the rock band We Are The Riot, knew he needed to upgrade his mixing equipment for his solo tour in order to travel internationally to promote his new album Linchpin. It is something he wasn’t able to do when he was a band member of Static-X.

“With Static-X we just didn’t have the budget to send a big monitoring rig to other countries. The weight and size of the equipment made it a huge barrier for us to get overseas. However, now on my solo tour, I will be traveling with my Qu-Pac that allows me to go anywhere on the planet because of how compact it is. It makes a world of difference,” said ATK.

Andy The Kid ATK and the QU-Pac

When touring begins ATK doesn’t plan on bringing a bass or guitar rig because he will be running the instruments directly into the Qu-Pac. “The Qu-Pac has made all of these touring opportunities a lot more realistic and affordable. I am really excited about it,” he said.

ATK enjoys many features of the Qu-Pac. Not only did he mention that he likes the compact desk/rack mount format, the 16-mic/line inputs (expandable to 32 via dSNAKE), but he is also pleased with the onboard effects. “Allen & Heath has a really nice stored library of onboard effects. I don’t have to mess with the compression on the bass,” he said.

ATK recommends that other live bands use the Qu-Pac for touring purposes. “It is extremely user-friendly from a consumer’s point of view. You don’t have to have a degree from the Musicians Institute or 50 years of touring experience to be able to operate this digital mixer, that’s huge to me,” he said.

The album, Linchpin, has a rock vibe with pop sensibilities added to the mix. ATK worked on this project with his favorite producers and musicians. He wants the album to be a tribute to his former band mate from Static-X, Wayne Static. “Wayne’s passing last year was a tragedy and it hit everybody really hard. I’m hoping to honor him through this project,” he said.