Hyderabad PA rental company, Taher Sound, recently added an Allen & Heath dLive system, comprising the flagship S7000 Surface with DM64 MixRack and a DX32 Expander rack, to its inventory.

Purchased from Delhi-based distributor, Sun Infonet, the system debuted at a huge wedding reception, attended by 8000 guests, with entertainment from the well-known 17-strong group, Telengana Telugu Orchestra, and internationally renowned percussion player, Shivamani.


Taher Sound also employed the system at other events including Infinitheism and a film premiere.

Zakir Hussain, owner of Taher Sound, was impressed with dLive’s features, such as large headroom, sound quality, user friendliness, responsive touch screen, and the FPGA processing capability. He comments:

“I was using a 48 channel mixer when I heard that dLive has expandable channels of up to 128 and other unique features. I immediately decided that my next console would be dLive. For next 10 years, I believe this system will remain unbeatable!”