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ZEDi: Give Your Audio The Edge

A Better Audio Interface for Gaming

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Audio interface for gaming


Want to take your gaming streams to the next level? Want to stand out and give your audio the edge? Whether chatting with teammates, live-streaming on Twitch or recording vlogs to share on YouTube, the ZEDi is the perfect audio interface for every step of the creative journey and will breathe new life into your streams.

The ZEDi series gives you the sound quality, ruggedness and hands-on control of a classic analogue audio mixer, paired with the versatility and convenience of a multichannel USB audio interface.

You might be wondering, why do I need a mixer? Well, simply put, with a mixer you can have better hands-on control over your audio, without the need for additional hardware or audio editing software. It’s the ultimate solution to achieving the highest sound quality for your live-streams – it’s also perfect if you use a dual-PC streaming set-up!



Featuring Allen & Heath’s studio-grade ‘GSPre’ microphone preamps, ZEDi boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with the signature analogue warmth and depth - providing you with ultimate clarity and broadcast quality sound.

When using a real mixing desk like the ZEDi, you can be sure that the interface is not the bottleneck of the audio set up. Get the best out of an inexpensive microphone or use a professional condenser microphone to capture every nuance of your voice, then shape it using smooth analogue EQ, all whilst monitoring with zero latency and sending crisp digital audio directly to your computer.

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mixer for gaming


ZEDi is simple and quick to set up, so you can be up and running - and live-streaming - within minutes.

Individual controls make it quick and easy to adjust levels and routing. Hear exactly what you need to and ensure the world can hear you too. Instantly blend voices, computer and external audio sources with hands-on accuracy.

Being able to see your settings and levels at all times means fault finding takes seconds. 


Boutique Pre-Amp with 48v Phantom Power

Microphone preamps are one of the most important parts of your audio path. Originally developed for use in professional studio desks, the ZEDi’s GSPre’s work with all XLR microphones. Providing 48v phantom power for condenser microphones and a clear, full sound.


USB Audio Interface for PC, Mac & iOS

ZEDi is fully compatible with PC and class compliant for plug’n’play use with Mac and iOS too. Take advantage of high quality 96kHz/24bit analogue to digital conversion with no hassles, with the ability to send microphone signals to the computer individually when required.


Classic British Analogue EQ

All ZEDi microphone inputs feature a low pass filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise. The 2 or 3 frequency equaliser on each channel then allows you to shape your sound to perfection.


Powerful Headphone Output

ZED mixers feature the same powerful headphone output as our high-level touring consoles, meaning you get clear in-game sound, as well as hands-on control over game audio to voice chat ratio. Monitoring in analogue also means there is no latency and no unwanted delay.

ZEDi Comparison Chart

XLR Mic inputs244
Mic PreampsGS PreGS PreGS Pre
48v Phantom PowerYesYesYes
Stereo Line Inputs222
USB Interface2in / 2out4in / 4 out4in / 4 out
Main Outputs2 x XLR2 x XLR2 x XLR
Other OutputsN/AAux, FX + MonitorAux, FX + Monitor
Mono EQ2 Band3 Band3 Band
Stereo Ch1 EQ2 Band2 Band2 Band
FXN/AN/AZED MultiModel (61 FX)