Award-Winning Contractor Video Sonics Chooses Allen & Heath iLive

Video Sonics is a New York City based A/V systems integrator with over 30 years of experience in design-build AV solutions for night clubs, museums, schools and universities, churches and corporate facilities.

CEO and founder, Glenn Polly, personally designs and supervises three or four special projects each year and recently completed a major corporate AV project for "Company A", a Northeast USA Fortune 100 company.




"Company A is very security conscious," explains Polly, "and they prefer to avoid publicity whenever possible. However," he adds, "they were great to work with and very cooperative in allowing us to photograph and document the project."

The project, which won Commercial Integrator Magazine's 2012 "Top Corporate Solution" award, is a comprehensive group of integrated AV systems covering 60 small and mid-sized conference rooms and a large multi-purpose meeting space that can be subdivided for smaller events.




The multi-purpose space is used for training, video conferencing, trade shows and large, twice-yearly company-wide meetings. To meet the audio mixing needs of this multi-purpose space, Polly selected an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixer. "John B. Anthony Company, our local Allen & Heath rep firm, had done a demo and training session on the iLive," explains Polly, "and I could see this was just what we needed to handle all of the different events in this space."

Video Sonics installed the iLive MixRack (inputs, outputs and signal routing) in an equipment closet adjacent to the multi-purpose space. They also created a roll-around desk for the iLive Surface (controls and GUI). The movable desk allows the iLive Surface to be positioned where needed in the multi-purpose room for different events or stored away when not in use. "This ability to separate the I/O unit from the iLive Surface solved a lot of problems for my client," says Polly. "They've got a powerful mixing system for large meetings with entertainment and multi-media. But, for simple presentations or training, they can leave the iLive Surface in the back room and select an iLive 'scene', stored in the MixRack, using a Crestron control panel." Polly also appreciated the CAT5 connectivity between the iLive Surface and MixRack which makes it easy to connect or disconnect the movable desk.

Company A is enjoying the multi-purpose room system and its integration with their smaller conference rooms and remote facilities. "This is exactly the kind of job my company loves to do," says Polly, "and the iLive was an important part of our success."