Blue Man Productions, organisers of the renowned Blue Man Group (BMG) stage shows, recently upgraded the personal monitor mixing systems for its new family of performance spaces and portable systems across the world, selecting products from Allen & Heath’s Qu digital and ME monitor ranges.


Formed in 1991, Blue Man Group is a performance art ensemble, which stages ongoing theatrical productions in Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, New York and Berlin, as well as touring the globe.


Provided by Clearwing Productions and Allen & Heath’s U.S. distributor, American Music & Sound, a total of 7 systems were outfitted, each comprising 2 Qu-Pac rackmount digital mixers with an additional AR2412 remote IO rack, and 9 ME-1 personal mixers with 3 ME-U hubs, as the standard across the world for BMG’s personal monitor mixing.


Audio quality and ease of use was a big factor when they started to evaluate potential systems.

After a long evaluation period, a ME monitoring system and Qu-Pac rackmount digital mixer with AR2412 remote IO rack were put to the test in listening sessions with music directors of BMG, Las Vegas BMG performers and BMG audio technicians involved with maintaining the show.


“It was a unanimous decision to go with Allen & Heath. We needed an audio system that would grow with the shows and BMG, and meet the demanding technical requirements. Allen & Heath provided us with the flexibility, quality and potential for expansion that was unparalleled by other offerings on the market,” explains Marcus Ross, Resident Audio Supervisor at Blue Man Productions.