Renowned British metalcore band, Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH), has invested in a compact Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing system, comprising an iDR-48 MixRack and iLive-R72 Control Surface, to manage monitors on tour.

Apart from sounding great, it was the flexibility of the iLive system which really drew me to it,” comments tour manager and FOH engineer, Phil Gornell. “The band tours with full production kit but thanks to iLive we only have to carry a single rack for monitors. For one off fly shows, we are able to take our iDR rack as hand luggage and run the show using a laptop loaded with iLive Editor.”

The band has already toured Europe, USA and Asia with the iLive system.



“It’s a real comfort to have iLive on tour. It’s a relief just knowing we’re going to turn up at a different venue and get the same sound every day for our guys, which is the important thing and what it’s all about,” explains Gornell.

BMTH are a five piece band with two guitarists, a lead vocalist, bass player and drummer.

“For me, one of iLive’s great features is the RTA analyser, which works on whatever you PFL on the desk so that you can easily find what’s peaking on stage. Also, the iLive Editor control software means the band can get their iPads on stage and tweak their own mixes wirelessly,” comments monitor engineer, Andy Wade

More recently, the iLive system has been employed in the studio to record the band as they write their new record.

“We put the iLive in the studio and let the band do their thing, all the while recording a full set of inputs, thanks to a Dante card,” concludes Gornell.