Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania has a modern A/V system featuring multiple video screens and a new Allen & Heath dLive S7000 surface with a DM64 MixRack and DX32 Expander, an IP8 Remote Controller and sixteen ME-1 Personal Mixers. Acquired from Emmaus Media & Design of Harrisburg, PA, the dLive replaces an eleven-year-old digital mixer that was damaged in a lightning strike. Emmaus’ Tim James says the church considered other digital mixers but he recommended the dLive based on his experience with the Allen & Heath flagship model and because he knew it had the right blend of features and performance to match the church’s needs.

Christian Life is a growing church with an 1800-seat auditorium and an active music program. Worship services feature a praise band and, on occASIOTMn, a multi-voice choir. Holiday dramas may include a full orchestra. The church is well-equipped for these programs and other special events with 48 fixed microphone inputs on the stage supplemented with a 100-foot analog snake and 20 wireless channels. All of these sources are routed through the DM64 and DX32 into the dLive S7000 whose drag-and-drop, touch-screen setup eliminates a traditional patch bay allowing highly flexible stage layouts to be created quickly.


Inputs are grouped in dLive layers allowing the operator to keep frequently accessed microphones and other sources within easy reach while maintaining quick access to all. During rehearsals, the church’s tech director sets up a dLive scene for each week’s worship services. Holiday dramas utilize multiple scenes cued by the program’s director via MIDI integration. The church recently upgraded its recording system which now receives its inputs directly from the dLive via Dante. Live broadcast is streamed from a dLive aux mix.

The church will use the IP8 Remote Controller to provide additional faders for its special programs. The IP8 connects into the church’s network via Ethernet allowing it to act as a basic remote mixer for simple services.


To maintain an uncluttered stage and provide the best monitoring quality, Christian Life uses in-ear monitors exclusively. The dLive sends 40 channels to the musicians’ ME-1 Personal Mixers which, according to James, are “eons beyond the previous system with their ease of use and flexibility”. Vocalists’ wireless in-ear monitors are fed directly from dLive mix groups.

James commented, “When we upgraded to the dLive, there was a big improvement in the overall feel of the room. Even people who didn’t know we had done anything could hear the difference.” He added, “Allen & Heath hit a home run with this product. The dLive is fun and easy to use and the internal DSP and effects are great. I’m spoiled by this mixer!”