Church of Phillipi is a Korean-American church in Hanover, Maryland. Established in 1993, Church of Phillipi completed its new building in time for Easter Services in 2010. In their 750-seat sanctuary, Church of Phillipi holds four Korean-language services and one English-language service each weekend.

Each service is designed for a specific worship style. Two are traditional Korean services while a third service is in English with a praise band. A fourth service, which is in Korean, also includes a praise band and a fifth service is designed for young adults. Church of Phillipi holds weddings and funerals and also holds special services and programs at Christmas and Easter.

By offering this variety of worship services and programs, Church of Phillipi effectively serves the needs of their diverse congregation. To support this variety of services and programs, Church of Phillipi has installed versatile, high-performance audio and video systems including an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixer.

Church of Phillipi 1

Michael Yoo, Senior System Engineer at contractor Genesis Technology, says the church wanted a digital mixer. "They have a technical staff that is mostly volunteers," he said, "and they wanted to simplify the system operation by using stored setups and scenes." Yoo recommended the Allen & Heath iLive because he knew it would give the church these digital capabilities while remaining easy to learn and providing excellent sound quality. The church purchased the iLive T112 Surface which is installed in an operations booth at the rear of the church and an iDR-32 Mixrack which is installed behind the stage. CAT5 cables connect the Mixrack to the T112 Surface using the iLive's built-in digital snake.

Yoo provided several training sessions for different groups including a summary training that included the church pastors. "Our company is strong in training," he said, "and we can provide it in Korean as well as English."

Church of Phillipi 2

Sangchul Park, who leads the church's technical staff, had used other digital mixers but says the iLive was easy to learn. He especially likes the user-definable electronic channel labels and says the mixer and the overall system sounds very good. "We have many different services at Church of Phillipi," he said, "but the volunteers only need to select a scene and adjust the faders. We're very happy with the iLive."