Vintage valve warmth that’s not afraid to get dirty


100 years after their introduction to the world of audio, valves are still relied on daily by sound engineers all over the world for the vintage colour and euphonic distortion characteristics they impart upon audio signals.

Dual Stage Valve painstakingly models the behaviour of both pentode and triode topologies offering everything from a touch of warmth through to full-on valve crunch.


The A-Z of valve sounds

Stage 1 adds tonal harmonics and compression to the sound, ideal for warming up a digital signal and adding some retro flavour. Stage 2 is used for overdrive and distortion, perfect for when you want to crush a sound in a musical way. Need to mangle the sound? No problem, the Hi-Drive switch enables more pronounced distortion at higher levels for true audio mayhem.

And, just like the real thing, the two stages and choice of valve topology all interact with each other to provide the engineer with an incredible number of tonal possibilities.