VS1 Vocalshift














VocalShift VS1 is a fully stereo vocal pitch shifter, squeezing two channels of high quality pitchshifting into a single effect. The implementation of VocalShift boasts a very low latency (<6ms), covers the whole vocal frequency range, and minimises the phasing and flutter artifacts common to many pitch shifters.

VocalShift allows large shifts of up to +/- 1 octave, with a further switchable octave downshift. The wide range makes it ideal for theatrical or more extreme musical effects. The left and right channels are fully independent, allowing independent, high quality pitch shifting on each. These channels can be used in combination with the stereo width control to present each voice separately on the left/right output channels, or both centred on the stereo channel.

The two channels can be linked and reset to flat (zero shift) by single button presses.


Audio provided by Dolphins Fly