Chinese Cantopop singer and songwriter, Hins Cheung, recently kicked off his tour ‘Live in Passion’ at Guangzhou Gymnasium with the help of a monitor mixing system comprising Allen & Heath’s new dLive and ME personal monitor mixing systems.


Leading Hong Kong production company, A Team Plus, managed audio for the tour, selecting a dLive S5000 Control Surface and DM64 MixRack, and ME monitor system provided by Allen & Heath’s Chinese distributor, EZPro.


“Due to the size of the band, there is 64 inputs to manage. Fortunately, dLive’s control surface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Two screens on the surface provide a fantastic overview of what’s going on, and around the screens there are some physical knobs for compressor, EQ, and gate, which are extremely helpful when I mix. I can operate very quickly thanks to the Harmony UI, which integrates screen and wrap-around control,” explains monitor engineer, Faymum Man.


The band on stage includes a drummer, bass, two guitarists, one programmer, three key boards and four vocals, each equipped with a ME-1 personal mixer to control their own mix on stage.


“dLive is smooth and natural, and this is the very reason why Allen & Heath mixers are my favourite. I have to mention that the built-in FX are fantastic. There are 16 FX engines with reverb, delay and many plug-ins such as De-Esser. While I have to pay for these effects in other consoles, I can get them free in dLive! I just love it,” says Faymum Man.