Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing systems were recently employed at several important festivals held in China’s Yinchuan City, following the purchase of S7000 and S5000 Surfaces and DM64 and DM48 MixRacks by Beijing PA company, Knocklive.


The dLive systems managed FOH and monitors at the 14th Singing Festival of Chinese Western Folk Songs and The Flower Elf Game & Animation Music Festival both held at the city’s Park of Customs and Culture.


The folk festival was staged near the Najiahu Great Mosque, with the S7000 and DM64 at FOH and S5000 and DM48 for monitors. The animation festival was held in the Park’s newly-built Music Beach, and featured performances by top artists including Jolin Tsai, Second Hand Rose and Black Panther. This time, the S7000 with DM48 was used for monitors, and the S5000 was employed to manage FOH and recording, with the FOH DM64 fitted with a Dante card to enable multi-track recording via a laptop with DAW control.


“dLive’s surface design is very user-friendly. The screen is accompanied by one knob per function assignable controls, enabling the creativity and immediacy of tactile control for key processing features. dLive is designed for live shows, offering intuitive operation, fast response and precise control - it is ideal for applications like these,” says Flower Elf Game & Animation Music Festival FOH engineer, Chen Zhiyong.


Knocklive’s dLive systems were also used at FOH for the Yinchuan City’s Mid-Autumn & Corban Festival. Organised by Ningxia TV and Ningxia Theatre, the event comprised a poetry festival with recitals by writers and TV presenters, and an all-star concert with performances from artists, including Wangjie, Wangzulan, Huachenyu and Wulantuya.


The S7000 with a DM64 was employed for the poetry festival, and the S5000 with DM48 MixRack was selected by the FOH engineer, Wu xiaodong, for the concert.


“dLive is really intuitive and flexible. I can even customize channels as required. The sound is clear and the mic pre is premium. I like it very much,” he said.