Canadian rock artist, Sam Roberts Band, has just completed a 3-month tour of America and Canada to promote its 6th studio album, TerraForm, travelling with dLive S Class and ME mixing systems from Allen & Heath.


Comprising a Dante-enabled S5000 Surface and DM48 MixRack, engineer Matt Lamarche mixed FOH and Monitors on the system. Drummer, Josh Trager, also used a ME personal mixing system.

Josh Trager

“After trying a number of monitoring systems on the market, the ME-1 has been a game changer and life saver! It's easy to configure, build groups as needed, and is quick and easy to adjust during the show," comments Trager.

SRB Montreal

The tour covered 30 dates between November 2016 and February 2017, comprising of venues and festivals.

Matt lamarche

“dLive is great. Lots of the house techs are very blown away with it. The drummer loves that ME-1. For the support acts we’ve had, I make a scene, and setup a layer so quick for them, they are amazed how easy it is to configure. The DEEP processing plug-ins are excellent and very useful,” concludes Lamarche.