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dLive V2.0

Where FX and Workflow Innovation Sets the Scene

dLive V2.0 ushers in a new era of integrated creative FX and advanced workflow features, completely redefining what is possible in-the-mixer.

Cue List

All New Cue List Management

dLive V2.0 delivers overhauled Cue List system, simplifying cue list creation with manual and auto renumbering options plus custom MIDI recall, designed for fast-moving performances, heavily automated shows, and theatre applications.


Trigger Multiple Functions With One SoftKey

The powerful new Actions feature makes complex automation easy, enabling functions across multiple channels, such as routing assignments and levels, ABCD inputs, processing and insert in/outs, and strip layout to be triggered via a single SoftKey press.

Channel Library

Mix Joins The Channel Library

The Channel Library has been extended to include Mix contributions, meaning channels can now be saved with all sends, processing and name/colour data included.

RackUltra FX Card

A Duet of FPGA and ARM Processing

The new RackUltra FX card, fitted as standard to all new MixRacks and available as an upgrade for existing MixRacks, adds 8 RackUltra FX engines – including dedicated stereo send and return channels plus PEQ and dynamic processing – to any dLive system without consuming any inputs, busses or FX slots.

The RackUltra FX Collection

The RackUltra FX collection, powered by the RackUltra FX card, brings together 10 new algorithms that rival the most advanced plug-ins on the market.

Vocal Processing

Studio quality pitch correction, shifting, and gridding with no external hardware or third-party software.

More info Read more about Vocal Processing


Two stunning new reverbs harness the power of the RackUltra FX card to bring previously unimaginable realism to in-console reverberation.  

More info Read more about Reverbs

Distortion & Saturation

A pair of distortion effects covering everything from subtle saturation to screaming guitar amp distortion.

More info Read more about Distortion & Saturation


Three intelligent and musical harmonisers take dLive’s vocal effects to a new level.

More info Read more about Harmonisers

Other New Features

  • Director Preview Mode – recall and update Scenes from Director then Push and Store to the system without affecting the live audio.
  • FX Width control for all RackExtra and RackUltra FX.
  • Director CSV Import / Export – Import / Export Channel Name, Colour, Patch and Preamp settings to/from a CSV file.
  • Director fields now editable via keyboard.
  • Dyn8 ganging.
  • New MIDI options and commands including:
    • Ability to connect the MIDI Control driver to a dLive Surface for Cue List control
    • Global Send and Receive Enable / Disable option
    • MIDI control of Global Key
    • Configurable MIDI CC messages for Scene Go, Next and Previous
    • Configurable MIDI channel for each RackUltra FX slot
    • Configurable MIDI CC messages for selected FX parameters e.g. Retune, Transition, Correction, Key, Scale, Bypass
  • Support of multi-unit Configs in Custom Control.
  • Touchscreen pinch control for PEQ width.
  • Polarity setting for all AES output sockets.
  • gigaACE high-jitter tolerance mode.
  • Independent On/Off and Pre/Post controls for PAFL Ext In to Wedge/IEM output.
  • Pro/Consumer mode setting for AES cards.

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