UK singing sensation, Clare Maguire, recently completed a tour of the UK carrying a dual Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing system to manage FOH and monitors.

Partly rented from PA company, SRD Group, the system comprised an iLive-80 Control Surface and an iDR0 miniRack at FOH, digitally split from an iDR-48 MixRack and an iLive-R72 Control Surface at monitor position.

“I think it’s a great sounding desk with so much headroom. I mix pretty loud and I tried really hard to run the outputs into distortion but I failed!,” explains FOH engineer, Chris Fillery. “The parametric EQ is great and musical. I also enjoy the choice of compressor types, it’s nice to have elements which help you add a bit of character to the mix. The FX are excellent - the reverbs sound really good and the ADT and sub bass synthesis are well thought out.”




Chris Fillery used the iLive-80 control surface with additional control provided through the MixPad iPad app.

"Having the compact surface and iPad was really useful for the size of the tour venues, which were 300-600 capacity. Plus, being able to check and adjust your mix anywhere in the venue is amazing. I also love the RTA on the graphic for whatever channel you have solo'ed – it’s genius!” Chris concludes."