One of Nigeria’s fastest growing churches, Daystar Christian Centre in Ikosi, Lagos, has upgraded its audio system to an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing system.

The installation was managed by Lagos-based rental and installation company, PF Syztems, who originally installed a 40-channel Allen & Heath ML3000 VCA console at FOH with a 40-channel GL4000 at monitor position when the church was first opened 3 years ago.

Increased attendance and a switch to four consecutive services, coupled with increased complexity in dealing with multiple stage requirements, prompted the 7-000 capacity church to enquire about possible ways to streamline worship services.


Daystar Christian Centre1


PF Syztems has an iLive system, comprising an iDR-48 MixRack and iLive-T112 Control Surface, in its rental stock and due to the excellent service provided by that system, they recommended that the church should upgrade to an all-digital A&H system, arguing that the church would get the best value for money compared to other digital desks.

Daystar’s sound engineers, Funminiyi Adedeji (left) and Donald Adedokun (right), with the iLive-80 Control Surface at monitor position

PF Syztems’ engineer/consultant, Olushola Aremu, comments:

“I recommend iLive desks to every FOH and monitor engineer. The iDR-48/iLive-T112 system is a great digital system to work with; it’s user-friendly, portable and is a particularly good mixer for monitor mixing. The fact that you can control the entire mix from a Notebook via a wireless network makes it so flexible. Setting it up is very fast and easy as Allen & Heath has done a good job in removing the many complications involved in setting up digital desks. Also, using the iLive plug-in cards for audio networking such as MADI, EtherSound and ACE, offers a good alternative to the transformer splitter, when multiple mix racks are employed.”

The system eventually installed at Daystar consists of an iLive-T80 surface to manage monitors, an iLive-T112 at FOH, with iDR-48 and iDR-32 MixRacks digitally split via ACE™ on stage to provide the required 60 channels, whilst retaining trim controls at both surfaces.

The engineers and Stage techs are delighted with the amount of control the system provides, especially the full dynamic and EQ processing on each channel, plus 8 channels of onboard FX.

“It’s been an awesome experience so far. It’s great to know that you can access your strips and assign them to do whatever you want to do at anytime, even when mixing away from the surface,” comments Daystar’s monitor engineer, Funminiyi Adedeji. “Now working from my Notebook with iLive Editor, I can actually listen to the live mix from individual monitors during a performance! The system headroom is more than sufficient and the mixer sounds amazing. This purchase is a huge success story!”