Cardigans’ frontwoman, Nina Persson, recently completed a solo tour of Europe and the USA travelling with an Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixer to manage FOH and monitor sound.


Supplied by Swedish PA company, Parashoot, which recently invested in the GLD-80, the mixer is supplemented with an AR2412 remote IO rack and additional AR84. Together with one roll of CAT5e and the mics set, the whole audio touring kit packs into four Pelicases.


“I like the new ideas and easy layout of the GLD-80,” comments engineer, Oscar Soederland.”It’s very simple and quick to setup, and has all the greatness of iLive, such as dynamics, EQ and the killer FX, combined with great speed and sharpness. GLD is also very roadworthy with a thick steel shell, quality screen, nice hard rubber sides, and the feel is very sturdy.”


The tour plays approximately 20 songs, which can easily be swapped around in GLD’s set list editor. In monitor world, the band is on wedge mixes, and Nina in-ears with a wedge mix for ambience.


“I am using my old time favourite effect, US Gold Rev, on Nina, which made her vocal even more luxurious, EMT250 on backing vocals, and Plate Snare for drums. The blending of compressor wet/dry is such a great tool for getting even more control over your compression,” says Soederland.  “I also used some of the new features in v1.4 firmware on the tour. Scene crossfade enables great transitions, and I love the new FX, especially Transient Controller, which I used on snare and toms through a stereo group. It sounds so good it's silly! You can get that old Dyna-Mite sound just slamming everything, and then on the other hand, get very short dry sounds, like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.”


“With GLD, I feel that Allen & Heath has again released a very solid, amazing sounding desk and with more one-of-a-kind features. I would gladly tour around the world another two years with the GLD, as I have done with the iLive-R72 in the last two,” he concludes.