Grace Church Upgrades Sanctuary Sound System

Grace Church in Longwood, Florida recently updated the sound system in their sanctuary. "It was everything that we wanted in the end; it was perfect.

​We did everything step-by-step, starting with the acoustic panels" stated Dolbear. An Allen & Heath iLive T-112 is installed at the FOH mix position with a Dante card, MixPad app and iDR-48 stage box. "We have our service and then we have the youth service, also in here [the sanctuary].

The youth like to have a different sound and, with the new board, we have the ability to save scenes. It's really nice to have that flexibility," Dolbear explained.

Grace Church loves using Dante card because they can capture everything in their services and make CDs. They are thrilled that they can multi-track record instead of just recording in stereo.



The Allen & Heath MixPad app has proven to be so useful. Not only do we now have the freedom to move around the room with just our iPads, but it's now possible for our sound engineers to adjust the monitor mix from the performer's perspective on stage.

Dolbear is not the only one who is pleased. "We really felt like APA was working in our best interest" stated head Pastor Clark Witten. We are extremely happy with the Allen & Heath iLive system, the process and the results."