Allen & Heath’s GS-R24 Firewire recording mixer has been installed in the main recording studio at the Campus of Performing arts (COPA) in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a teaching console and to manage music students’ projects.

​“I needed a mixer to satisfy my students’ obsession for all things digital, and to teach them the value of what they call ‘old school’. Enter the GS-R24, new kid on the block and what I believe to be the future of modern recording consoles!” explains COPA’s head of production, Neill Pash. “Everything the modern day producer and musician needs has been included in this little gem: musical fully parametric EQ, two great-sounding onboard valve pre-amps which also serve as instrument DI’s, with onboard MIDI control of your DAW including transport and plug-ins, automated flying faders (GSR24-M) and the flexibility to route your DAW effects or stereo outputs to the two stereo returns, or route your outboard effects, is just brilliant.”



The mixer has already been employed to manage recording projects and demos of over 400 students with music ranging from metal, rock & pop, hip hop to jazz. The students particularly enjoy the impressive DAW and MIDI control features for producing drum & bass and electronic genre, mixed in the box using the channel faders as controllers, back to the DAW, then back again through the onboard valve preamps.

“This console is flexible and intuitive to use, has everything you need for today’s recording productions, and most of all, and as you would expect from Allen & Heath, it just sounds great! The students are so impressed many have bought the GSR's little sister, the ZED-R16 Firewire for their home studios. The GSR is truly an all-round workhorse for any production studio,” concludes Pash.