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MADI Card for dLive & Avantis

MADI Card for dLive & Avantis

Adds 128 channels of 96kHz MADI audio, over coaxial and optical, to a dLive or Avantis system.

MADI over Coax

Four pairs of BNC connectors support standard 75ohm coaxial cables with switchable 48/96kHz operation per pair.

MADI over Fibre

For longer cable runs, four SFP slots are provided which can be populated with your choice of SFP transceivers.

Redundant Operation

Each pair of BNC and SFP can be switched into redundant mode for enhanced security.

48/96kHz Operation

The superMADI card offers switchable 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates per link with a choice of Smux or HighSpeed 96kHz modes.

superMADI. Super Flexible.

Designed to help integrate dLive and Avantis into a wide range of broadcast, live interface and recording scenarios, the superMADI interface card has numerous connectivity possibilities, including 8 BNC connectors and 4 SFP slots for fibre optic transceivers (not included).

Both coaxial and optical formats offer up to 128 I/O at 96kHz each, and redundancy and sample rate are switchable per link pair, with a choice of Smux or HighSpeed 96kHz mode.

The superMADI card can also be used by engineers and rental companies to link to any MADI-enabled third party console, allowing high-channel count digital splits, for example, between FOH and Monitors.


8x BNC (4 links)

8x SFP slots* (modules not included)

Switchable sample rate per link 48/96kHz

Switchable redundancy per pair

128 I/O on coaxial at 96kHz

128 I/O on optical at 96kHz

Choice of Smux or HighSpeed 96kHz mode

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