Monitor Engineer, Travis Walat, recently completed the European and North American legs of the Joss Stone Total World tour with an Allen & Heath iLive T-112 Surface and a 48 input / 24 output iDR-48 MixRack. The ultimate aim of the tour is for the 26 year old soul singer-songwriter to play a show in every country on the planet, so with performances widely spread across the globe the audio crew was travelling light. To ensure that the band’s monitors were consistent wherever in the world they were, Walat looked for a mixing solution that offered full functionality in a compact footprint, finally settling on the iLive system after trying it out in rehearsals.

21 shows and 18 countries later, Walat enthused, “The iLive is an excellent sounding desk. Several band members commented on how nice things sounded, and it is also lightweight, compact and powerful, with a well laid out surface. I have, and will continue to, recommend this desk to my fellow engineers and clients.”

The iDR-48 MixRack was fitted with a Dante networking card, allowing a multi-track recording of each show to be captured in Pro Tools. Walat took advantage of the iLive MixPad app for verifying and EQing mixes on the fly, particularly during roll on festival shows.

Walat also made extensive use of iLive’s on-board processing, saying, “Onboard reverb and delay sounded fantastic and the dynamic EQ is really effective as well. With the compressors on the desk it was great to have the option of using adjustable attack and release times or being able to switch to auto mode.”


Joss Stone iLive small