An Allen & Heath iLive digital system recently managed FOH and monitor sound for the Campana & Sonus Percussioni Ketoniche, an Italian musical project utilising synthesizers with traditional and unusual percussion instruments.


Comprising an iLive-T112 surface with iDR-48 MixRack at both FOH and monitor position networked via MADI, the system managed a range of percussion instruments included 20 church bells, 20 cowbells from Sardinia and Lucanian, an Italian sound sculpture, iron and steel drums, disc brakes, shock absorbers, trusses, pans, bells mounted on bicycle’s wheels, 12 congas, a batà, digeridoo, marimba, 5 pairs of bongos, and over 30 drums.

Francesco Apolloni, FOH engineer and technical manager, explains:

"The technical equipment for Campana & Sonus is quite complex as there are nearly 60 sound sources to manage. Musicians are constantly changing position and instruments, so I approach the mixer like a lighting console, with all channels available on the lower layer, and use the upper layer for “live” operating to make continuous, on the fly changes to the mix."