PA company, Tomcat Production Services, road-tested an Allen & Heath iLive-T digital mixing system on the first leg of New Zealand's Got Talent audition tour.

​Comprising an iDR-64 MixRack and iLive-T112 Control Surface, the system managed all of the 3 FOH speaker systems, the main performance PA, the small distributed speech PA, and the judges’ near field monitor system. iLive also took care of the stage monitor system - approximately 2 to 6 sends - and Tomcat used it as part of the audio department shout comms system.

“NZGT's audition tour is an audio marathon, comprising 35-40 acts a day with practically no sound checks and you are dealing with anything from a 60 piece choir to a singing basset hound,” explains Andy Tait from Tomcat Production Services. “iLive coped with everything I threw at it without a hitch and of course the snapshot function was a life saver - quick and easy.”



The show will recommence production in October when Tomcat will use the system through to the grand final in late November.

“I am now a huge iLive fan and have purchased the system. As the demands of this tour get more complex, I trust that iLive will handle the project easily and gracefully,” concludes Tait.