Studio Recording

Every self-respecting studio deserves the tactile control and instant visual feedback - not to mention the audio quality - that you only get from a real mixing console. Allen & Heath has a proud heritage of high-end studio recording mixers, maintained to this day by leading designer Mike Griffin, whose creations have played their part in more hit recordings than we will ever know.

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Application Examples

Case Studies

Treesons Records Studio

Since Viktor Dückmann took over the Treesons studio, he was looking for the option to integrate an analogue mixdown into his digital recordings and productions.


German producer Kai Mader, who records, edits and mixes all styles of music in his country studio near Berlin, sought the best mix of digital and analogue equipment for a steady workflow and a professional and hyperreal sound.

Denmark Jazz
Qu, ME

The brief was to produce a Jazz CD, not in an ordinary studio but somewhere in the woods in Denmark without losing the quality or the luxury a normal studio can provide.

Recommended Products


GS-R24 combines refined analogue quality with a choice of analogue or Firewire / ADAT interface modules and MIDI control for your chosen Digital Audio Workstation or recording device.


ZED-R16 is a close relation of GS-R24, combining an analogue recording mixer with a Firewire soundcard, MIDI controls and ingenious routing so you can build tracks in the studio, record live gigs, mix-down and remix.


Qu mixers can sit at the heart of your studio and double as a tracking desk, audio interface and DAW controller. The built-in USB interface on the Qu-32 can handle up to 32x32 channels full-duplex of high quality 24bit 48kHz audio.


Our ME-1 personal mixers are a perfect solution for foldback mixing in the studio. Each ME-1 can mix up to 40 sources, which can be grouped, named and assigned to keys, giving the artists detailed control over their own mixes in an intuitive format.


ICE-16D is a 16 x 16 channel interface, streaming high quality digital audio over FireWire or high speed USB 2.0. Connections are on standard D-sub 25-pin connectors, making it the perfect companion for your boutique analogue console.

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