A classical music concert, Noi Per Napoli, was hosted at Naples’ Teatro Delle Palme theatre managed by Allen & Heath’s Qu-SB ultra compact digital rack mixer.


The event comprised performances from members of Naples’ San Carlo Opera House, who performed waltzes, classic folks songs and operetta. Audio requirements were managed by PA company, Megaride, and comprised a chorus of 40 people, a piano, harp, two violins, a cello, and the principal singers, two tenors, a baritone and a soprano. The faderless Qu-SB, with additional AB168 IO rack, provided FOH and monitor mixes, set up and controlled via the Qu-Pad app.


Sound engineer, Luigi Esposito, commented:


“Qu-SB is a fantastically flexible, fast mixer. Simply plug in your inputs on stage, and then enjoy the freedom to set up your channels and change your settings from anywhere in the venue using the Qu-Pad app. The app controls everything, and runs without any problems or interference. With AB168, you have 32 input channels available for all patching and routing. The ability to configure a custom fader strip provides the possibility to assign channels in DCA and Groups and work with only one screen for the entire performance.”