Mark EG / The Anxious uses: Xone:DB4, Xone:K2.

Winner of ‘Best Hard Dance DJ’ five times and a main player in the music industry for over twenty years, if you think you’ve heard and seen it all, think again. With a unique, original and anarchic approach to music, Mark’s reign at the very top of the UK musical movement, has seen this critically acclaimed DJ, music producer and all-round lunatic lead the way when it comes to smashing down the barriers of sound.

From techno to hardstyle, from hard trance to electro and everything in between, he has managed to carve himself a distinctive place deep within the minds of passionate music devotees the world over. Couple this will his infamous and legendary stage antics (chainsaws, deck smashing – you name it!) and you get a DJ who holds a very special place in the heart of the global dance movement.

There have been many imitators, but there is only one Mark EG! Mark’s rise to fame began in the early 90’s after his love for Chicago house, Detroit techno and acid house progressed into an unequivocal need to spread the word of Belgium techno, hard techno and also hard trance. After DJing for the UK’s biggest rave parties of the time (Helter Skelter, Dreamscape etc) as well as working as PR for Re:Load, GPR and Proper Records, Mark became A+R for dance music giant Bonzai Records. He also turned his skills to journalism, editing the techno section for cult rave magazine Eternity. He soon became Assistant Editor for Wax Magazine and to this day writes record reviews for Tilllate Magazine and now owns Core Magazine ( as well as Digital Online Music Store, Beatbucket (

Over the years, he’s played in nearly every continent as well as some of the biggest and best parties the dance scene has to offer. Circuito (Brazil), Q Dance (Holland), Dance Valley (Holland), Q Base (Germany), Slinky (UK), Tidy Trax (UK), Planet Love (Ireland), The World Electronic Music Festival (Canada), Glastonbury (UK), Hardline 77 (Russia), Apokalypsa (Czech Republic), Club Cinema (Ukraine), HTID (UK and Australia), Fantazia (Scotland), Ground Zero (Holland), Frantic (UK), 3D/Hard Kandy (Australia), Drop Bass Network (America), Paradog (Slovakia), Technofest (Crimea), Country Club (UK), Slammin Vinyl (UK) it’s an endless list that sees him playing an average of two to four gigs per weekend.

Mark produces music under various names (many of which are anonymous) but perhaps his most famous is with his partner Chrissi under The Anxious. With releases on established labels such as Audio Assault, ARMS, Compound, Planet Rhythm, Fine Audio and Submissions, their Live PA for Circuito in Brazil became on of the most downloaded hard techno sets of all time. Then there’s his own techno record label Blackout Audio. With a release schedule that’s seen releases from countless legendary techno producers including Inigo Kennedy, Glenn Wilson, Patrick Skoog and Chris McCormack, it’s hardly surprising that the label website now boasts an online techno community of nearly 20,000 members. Whatever your style, whatever your sound, Mark EG is one artist you don’t want to miss out on. No hype, no bulls*+t, just music.

Selected DJ Mix Albums:

Techno Transmissions (RUMOUR)
Shout! The Future Tribe (ACV)
Brainstorm (REACT)
Music For A Harder Generation (TIDY)
This is Techno (BEECHWOOD)
Absolute Hardcore (BEECHWOOD)
Club Experiments (RUMOUR)
Hard, Fast and Furious (RESIST)
Harder, Louder, Faster (TOTAL)

Other Music-Related Stuff:

1992-1998: Assistant Editor, Eternity Magazine.
1992-1994: Purist Techno Promotions, Managing Director.
1994-1996: Press Officer, GPR Recordings.
1998-2000: Assistant Editor, Wax Magazine.
1998-2003: Techno Reviewer, Mixmag USA (Mixer).
2000-2004: A+R, Bonzai Records.
1998 onwards: Record Reviewer, M8 Magazine.
2009 onwards: Editor/Owner Core Magazine.
2013: Managing Director Beatbucket Online Store

Watch Mark explain the Xone:DB4 FX