Pauke Schaumburg use: Xone:K2, Xone:92, Xone:DB4.

Pauke Schaumburg aka Nobby and Kenno grew up in a small county called Schaumburg, near Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany).

A few years ago they were known as Solo-DJs in local clubs and private parties. So it took a little time and a good bottle of absinthe until they finally decided to work together behind the mixer.

“Pauke Schaumburg” was born. They used the origin of the basedrum: the kettledrum – called Pauke in German and the county they live in. At that time their musical taste was influenced by the sound of the mid-nineties: techno, house and hard trance played a major role in Kennos and Nobbys record rack.

Gradually developed the typical sound of Pauke Schaumburg: big tech-house with influences of techno and deep-house. Whether straight or playful: it has to be danceable! Just for the clubs.