Roy El Kei uses: Xone:DB4, Xone:K2.

Over the past couple of years Roy El Kei has without a doubt one confirmed himself as one of Holland’s most prominent rising stars of the techno scene.

As a performer, Roy won Slam FM talent of the year, is signed to Tom Hades’ record label Rhythm Converted and Marco Bailey’s MB Elekronics, all while regularly playing throughout Asia and some of the most respected venues in NL from Studio 80, Westerunie & Off Corso, to events like “I Am Techno” to Wildness Festival and Kingsland!

With the success of his music, Roy also gained the respect of Allen & Heath, who for the past 3 years given him the opportunity topromote and showcase the Xone DJ brand.

His highly successful event called DEEP has completely changed the attitude towards underground sounds in his hometown Zwolle and has grown it to a level where he is now running regular events at the city’s most well known super club “Hedon”.