The PL series is the perfect interface between the iDR and the operators on site who don’t need to understand the sound system – just control it. As the requirements grow at an installation, the control system can too! Start off with just the controls and display on the iDR unit then add wall mounted plates and handheld remotes wherever they are needed using our CAT5 PL-Anet cabling system. PL remotes can simply daisy chain or use the PL-Anet hub for star wiring applications. LEDs in the system can be tri-colour status indicators [to indicate selected sources, or mutes] or they can become meters for any point in the signal flow. The LCD windows can easily be programmed to relay text information about the state of the system.

You, as the designer, can customise these plug and play remotes to do exactly what the customer has been looking for. Each PL has its own simulator in iDR system manager software so you can design and demo the system offline as it will appear when the hardware is in place.

iLive Remote Controllers

PL-3 Remote Control Wall Plate

PL-4 Remote Control Wall Plate

PL-5 Infra-red hand held remote controller

PL-6 Fader Plate Module

PL-7 LCD Module

PL-8 Single Wallplate Module

PL-9 PL-Anet Hub

PL10 Rotary fader plate module

PL-11 Infra-red Receiver